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It all began with a problem. 

Not all stylish products are sustainable or practical. We decided to design trendy lifestyle products that unite form, function and sustainability. That way, we make these alternatives more enjoyable, uncomplicated and classy than the disposable products damaging our planet and oceans. 

Our mission is giving you the freedom to buy less and enjoy more.

100% handmade soap bar

Cheers to a LOOOONG life!

When you quench your thirst from our insulated water bottles or reusable straws, you help clean the environment.

Our products are designed and manufactured to last a looooong time, so you won’t have to buy disposable plastic products for many years to come. Less plastic waste, means wildlife and ocean life can live longer, healthier and safer lives too. 

That is the longtime power of a single purchase!

Form. Function. Style.

Sustainable products only make a difference if people want to keep using them. If an eco-friendly product is a hassle to use, difficult to clean or just plain ugly, it’s tempting to choose the easier option. We believe in designing environmentally safe products with a fashionable twist you will want to be seen with. Our insulated water bottles are made to enhance both your style and impact on our planet.

We strive to make saving the planet from single use products the fashionable, enjoyable and comfortable choice.

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Join Our Movement!

Our impact comes from the power of numbers. The more people who join our journey towards a cleaner future for our planet, the greater difference we can make. That’s why we need you to shop consciously by choosing the sustainable option whenever possible, and spread the word about our cause. We only make eco-friendly options available, it’s up to you to make the changes our planet needs. On our own, we’re powerless against global pollution. As a community, we’re powerful!

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